Here, we share annotated examples of how we have applied the Reading App Map framework to a range of reading comprehension apps.


Example 1 – Name

Title — Top Level Category from Framework Differentiation
Tags – sub-level category from framework + type of app (e.g. instructional, ebook, etc.) + grade level (preK, early elementary, upper elementary, middle school, high school, college) Built-in scaffolding, Hybrid type, Reading comprehension activity app, Ebook, preK, early elementary
App Name (hyperlinked to itunes store link/company website) Sid the Science Kid
App Maker Jim Henson and PBS Kids
Screenshot *
General Description of the App’s Intended Purpose “Sid the Science Kid Read & Play is packed with stories and fun activities aimed at developing early science exploration. It features two story books, jokes, games, sing along music videos, coloring pages and more!”
Page overview On this page, children see an image, words, and are able to sing along as the words are highlighted.
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